Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last night was "The Annual Office Christmas Party" and we had all the normal stuff...FOOD, DRINKS, DANCING, BAND and a place full of REAL ESTATE AGENTS. 

The Food

Our Faithful Bartender

The party pretty much went like the words in the song by Ray Stevens:  "The Annual Office Christmas Party"

(Hour one) The hour of diplomacy;
We drink white wine from holiday cups
(Hour two) The hour of zoology;
That's when the "party animals" show up
(Hour three) The hour of decision
And wiser heads decide it's time to leave
(Hour four) The hour of "ta HECK wit diplomacy!";
And some employees think it's time to....

It really was a nice party and is always something we look forward to attending each Christmas holiday and I had my RED dancing shoes on. 

I have worked for the same real estate company for almost 13 years, and I LOVE selling real estate.  I have to renew my licenses every 2 years and take 16 hours of continuing education classes to be able to continue to sell real estate in the US. 

In Belize, anyone can be a real estate broker, no licenses is needed.  When I first read this about Belize, I could not believe it.  No licenses, no continuing education classes, all you need is enough money to print up some business cards and a sign on your door and you are good to go.  Selling water front property in Belize sounds good to me.

The Band

The Dancing

Great Friends we have known forever

Bill and Debra


  1. It looked like alot of fun have a Merry Christmas. Oh what hour were ya'll

  2. Thanks Belinda, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well. I think we were between hour 3 and 4...haha.

  3. Glad y'all had a great time. You make the shoes, the shoes don't make you! I could see you selling real estate anywhere.

  4. Thanks dear, we did have a good time.


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