Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eat and Drink Like a Local —San Pedro, Belize

Many grocery items in Belize have to be imported from the United States, Canada and England and are much more expensive than back home in the US.  But if you "Eat and Drink Like a Local", you can still eat very good and much less expensive.

Super Buy Grocery

Super Buy Grocery - is the big purple grocery store located on Back Street and has very good prices, but always watch for expiration dates. 

Belikin Beer Distributor

Belikin Beer Distributor - you can always stop by the Belikin Beer Distributor and pick up a case of beer.  Belikin is the leading domestically produced beer brand in Belize and was first brewed in the 1960's.  The "Belikin" name comes from the Mayan language and means " Road to the East".  The Belikin label features a drawing of the Pre-Columbian Maya temple-pyramid at Alta Ha.  Four types of beer are sold under the Belikin name, the lager with 4% alcohol; Belikin premium, also a lager with 5% alcohol; Lighthouse, a pale lager with 4.2% alcohol and Belikin Stout, a dark beer with 6% alcohol.

Casa Pan Dulce Bakery

Casa Pan Dulce Bakery - the largest bakery in San Pedro and has some yummy breads, cakes, sweets and pastries.  Everything I tasted was excellent. 

Mermaid Pizza

Mermaid's Pizza - and if you are craving pizza or pasta, you can always stop in at Mermaid's Pizza for a pizza, lasagna or even a bacon cheese burger.


  1. You forgot this most visited expat place:

  2. Thanks for letting me know about "The Baker", you have been added to places for expats to "Eat and Drink" like a local.


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