Friday, December 10, 2010


Most things we have read say, "lower your sights" for Belizean food.  Foods in Belize are known for their simplicity, beans and rice are an important part of the daily diet of Belizeans.  The rice is normally cooked with red beans instead of the black beans which are commonly used through out other Latin American countries.  Rice and beans can be prepared with vegetables, coconut milk and spices with lobster, chicken or beef.

 While many people we have talked to said that the quality of chicken and pork in Belize is good, the beef is another story.  We were told that it was hard to find a good hamburger in Belize, this was because the cows in Belize are only fed grass.  Maybe it is not that the beef is not good, it is just not the taste that we as Americans are accustomed to.  Many countries have their own unique way of preparing different foods.  While on our visit to Belize we found most of the food very tasty, nothing that a nice cold Belikin beer couldn't wash down.

Here is an article about a personal experience of eating the beef in Belize from an expat now living in Belize.

Where's the Beef?, Miscellaneous in Belize - written by Wealthships


  1. the ground steak that we have found in the stores here in Belmopan tastes great to us!!

  2. That's good to know Alida that great beef can be found on the mainland as well.

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  4. Apparently you can order aged beef from Country meats. We mainly order ground steak which has been good but will try aged steak another time.


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