Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Elvi's Kitchen Mayan Feast Fit For A King | Ambergris Today

Elvi's Kitchen - Notice the tree growing out of the sand floor.

Elvi's kitchen is one of the most famous restaurants on the island of Ambergris Caye and is located in downtown San Pedro.  We were lucky enough to get to eat at Elvi's on our first trip to Belize, but they were closed when we there in September of this year for annual renovations and maintenance.  Elvi's is known for its Mayan Feast and Margaritas with an "Attitude".

Elvi's Kitchen started 25 years ago as a "hole in the wall" take out window, underneath Mrs. Elvi Staines house and known then as Elvi's Burger Isle.  Mrs. Elvi Staines was born in the town of San Pedro and has been living on the island of Ambergris Caye for 66 years.

Today Elvi's Kitchen is a popular hotspot for both locals and tourist and is still run by Mrs. Elvi Staines and her daughter.

Elvi’s Kitchen Mayan Feast Fit for a King Ambergris Today


  1. I Love this place too!! Always on my list of places to eat when I'm in San Pedro.

  2. Mmmm...we love Elvi's. The ceviche was huge and delicious, and the Mayan platter was really good!

  3. We were just there. My husband and I loved the seafood feast for two - $100 Belize ($50 U.S.) for soup (have the lime soup - yum!) and a big platter of beautifully prepared broiled seafood in a wonderful garlic sauce. We started with the coconut shrimp - not fried but a tasty creamy coconut-lime sauce with perfectly grilled shrimp. My daughter can't have dairy and they were very accommodating. She ended up having the Mayan feast and there was plenty on the buffet for her to enjoy. In fact - if anybody ever gets the recipe for the ginger coconut balls they served for dessert we would love to have it!

  4. All sounds very yummy. You are making me hungry. I will have to work on getting that recipe.


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