Monday, January 16, 2012

Sundays in Belize are Fun Days

Just a beautiful day.

Today we headed down to Fido's (pronounced Feed Doze) to have lunch and one of my favorite drinks, the Michelada.  Last September when on vacation in Belize I had my very first one and I fell in love with the drink.  So I was anxious to get back to Fido's and have another.  Top that off with one of Fido's burgers, fries and live music, it made for the perfect lunch by the beach today.



Live Music

Burgers and Fries

It has been raining this morning and had turned out to be a beautiful but windy day, so after lunch we strolled the beach.  The street vendors were out trying to sell their wares.  There was guy holding what I thought was a strange looking creature, it was called a Coatimundi, also known as a White-nosed Coati and they are a member of the raccoon family according to the Belize Zoo.  He asked me if I wanted to pet him.  I kindly said no but I did want to take his picture.  So here it is. 

The Coatimundi


Someone is collecting coconuts.

It was so windy today not many boats went out.

Later that day I had to get back out to do some more shopping.  On my way back home I noticed three kids standing and looking up in a tree.  Next I heard one of them yell, "I got him".  I decided to get off my bike and go over to see what they had, it was a small green baby iguana.  They brought him over for me to see.  I asked them what they were going to do with him.  They said they were going to keep him as a pet and they had about 40 more at home.  I am thinking where do you keep 40 plus iguana's.  They said they keep them in a tree where they live and they feed them watermelon.  Sounded good to me. 

The boys and their new addition.

His pet iguana he just pulled out of a tree.

They had a stick with a wire loop on the end.  They would spot the iguana in the tree and slip the loop over the iguana's head and then yank him out of the tree.  I was totally impressed.


  1. Thanks AJ it was a fun day. Maybe one day my photos will look half as good as yours do.


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