Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tacklebox Bar and Grill and Biking the Beach

Pictures from riding the beach up north this afternoon.  The white you see in the background is the reef.

I found lots of shells and pieces of coral here on the beach.

Today was just another busy day in Belize.  We really thought we would have more down time once we got to Belize, but instead our days stay busy and seem to go by fast.  Most of the day was spent running errands around town with my friends Gigi and Laurie, who blogs on Tacogirl

Tacklebox Bar and Grill

Bill wants to try one of these next time.

Sorry no pictures of food.  I was starving by the time the food got there.  So I forgot to take photos.

Once I got home from running errands, I told Bill the sea was such beautiful colors today, I wanted to head back down to the beach.  We did a few more errands and then biked the beach north a ways.  We then turned around and headed back south and decided to stop at the Tacklebox Bar and Grill located out on the water.  We had never made it there during our previous visits to Belize and wanted to give them a try.  We lucked up and got there right when "happy hour" was about to start. 3 beers for $10BZE ($5.00US) and $1.00BZE (.50 cents US) wings, yum. 

So we just decided to sit back and enjoy the views.

The birds were circling waiting to be fed.  The fisherman had just gotten in and were cleaning their catch down at the end of the pier. 

It was starting to get dark and time to bike home.


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun day! What a great special at Tacklebox. We have never been there...we miss out on some stuff not living in town!

  2. It was a great special Emily. You and Barry will have to meet us there next time. It is not far once you cross the bridge. It was our first time there too.


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