Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our First 24 Hours in Belize-We Made it

We spotted this guy on our walk to Estel's on the beach.

We spent out first 24 hours getting settled in to our new home in Belize.  I had all of our bags unpacked before we went to bed Friday night.  It was only 4 suitcases, so it didn't take long.  We made a list of things we still needed and planned to get out Saturday and hit the streets.

First thing we did was stop by our favorite place to have breakfast on the beach, Estel's. The food is great, service is great and the view is amazing. On our way back home we stopped off at the Belikin Beer Distributor, it is located just around the corner from us. We ordered several cases of drinks, Belize coffee, and 2 pounds of ground beef. They had it all delivered to our house in no time.

Estel's Dine by the Sea.

We took Alina with us for breakfast.

Fry jacks, eggs, grits and bacon.

Bill and Alina playing in the water.

Guys raking the seaweed on the beaches in the morning, they have job security.

Lot of drinks to choose from besides just beer.

That's a lot of Belikin.

Alex at Belikin wanted his picture taken with Alina.

Kids are turning in their empties to get money back on bottle and crate deposits.

Saturday I contacted a friend that I met online prior to moving to Belize, she moved to Belize in September of last year, I asked her if she could pick me up and take me around town.  Gigi has a golf cart and we could get around town faster.  I was only able to bring what things I could carry in our suitcases.  So we still needed a few items to hold us over until we have the rest of our things shipped down in a few months. 

This guy down at the park wanted his picture taken with Alina too.  Alina is a popular girl.

Saw this this little fellow on our street yesterday, he had just gotten ran over by a golf cart and was still moving.

We hit up Caye Mart, A & R, Caye Supplies and Wings.  I also did some grocery shopping at Super Buy, went by the local fruit and vegetable market which is just down the street.  I purchased a few supplies and dog food from Caye Mart and had it delivered to my house.  It makes it nice, you
can continue to shop and just have it all delivered later.  I am totally liking this. 

All of this for $10.00US.  The salsa was great, going back for more today.  The pineapple-banana bread was awesome.

Coffee from Belize and 1 Barrel Rum.

Our new Beach Cruiser's with baskets.

That afternoon I told Bill we needed some wheels and I wanted to go purchase some bikes.  I asked a few locals who had the best prices on bikes and San Pedro Hardware seemed to be the place.  So we walked to San Pedro hardware and road out on our brand new beach cruisers. 

Ah, another day in paradise.


  1. What a great first day! And you are very fortunate to live in town and be able to get deliveries. They won't come over the bridge because of the fee, so we have to haul everything. We have a neighbor with a Polaris who is going to pick up a case of Belikin for us; we have been having to buy a couple of bottles at a time since a case is too much for our bikes.

  2. Looks like a great first day! Perhaps we can meet up in late March and share stories?

    1. I would absolutely love to meet up in March. I look forward to it.


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