Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grocery Shopping and Waiting on the Gas Man

I purchased this beautiful conch shell down by the beach yesterday.

I spent most of the day grocery shopping and waiting for the gas man to show up.  In Belize you have to shop around.  It is nothing like at home in the US.  Here you will American products next to Belize products.  The American products are going to be much more expensive since they have to be shipped in to Belize.  On some items the name will be written in Spanish, so with what little Spanish I know, I am trying to guess what it is or look at pictures on the packaging.  Shopping for day to day items in Belize is a completely difference experience and I have a lot to learn.

Stocking up on groceries.

You can get pretty much anything you want in Belize, you just have a limited selection.  Prices will vary from store to store, so you have to go to several stores to get everything you need and for the best prices.  Then you may need to go to other places to get your fruits and vegetables.  It is definitely a learning experience.

I finally found a diet Pepsi today.

I  love this Goss dark chocolate made here in Belize.

My new gas stove.

We have a nice new gas stove in the house.  I have never cooked on gas before.  I know lots of people say they won't cook on nothing but a gas stove.  We use butane in Belize, and they come and pick up tank, fill it up and then bring it back.  The tank was just filled and returned late today, so we haven't been able to cook since we have been here.  We have pretty much lived off chips and salsa for the last two days, but I never get tired of chips and good salsa. 


Caribbean jerk chicken.

Hanging out on Middle Street.

Belizean kids loving on Alina.

Alina peeping through the staircase.  She smells food.

We decided to go downtown on our bikes this evening and take Alina.  We stopped in at Carabma on Middle Street since we could sit outside and have Alina there too.  As always Alina got all of the attention.  Everyone wants to hug and have their picture taken with her.

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