Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky Friday the 13th-Moving to Belize

The day has finally come and we are moving and retiring to Belize today. Our bags have been packed and repacked. We are all checked in online with the airline, we have paid our extra bag fees ($80.00 for 2 extra checked bags) and will be flying with Continental Airlines because of the dogs. They will fly in the cargo area of the plane and it will be their first time to fly.The flight from Houston, Texas to Belize City is only 2 hours and 29 minutes, so it will be a short flight. 
Bill grows hot chili peppers, so we had to have permits from BAHA to be able to bring his seeds into Belize. He had to send an email to BAHA with a list of all the seeds he will be bringing. BAHA then issued us a permit. The seeds will have to be checked once we arrive by an inspector and of course we have to pay a fee and then he can bring in his pepper seeds.
Permit for pepper seeds.

We obtained our permits from BAHA to bring the dogs into Belize several weeks ago. We also had to have a vet certification from our vet within 14 days of entering the country with them.  You have to have specific international dog crates for shipping pets internationally. 

International Dog Crate

Certificate of Health

Certificate of Vaccination

Vet certifications

BAHA pet permits

Booking our flights, I had to make sure that we could book flights and get the dogs on the same flight with us. It will cost $7.00 per pound including the dog crates to fly each one to Belize. We had to purchase international dog crates and they are very expensive. It will cost us more to get the dogs to Belize than ourselves. We also needed to arrive in Belize on a week day and before 4:00pm to be able to have the dogs vet checked by a BAHA and get them into the country. Bill had the the people on the phone in Cargo reserving their place in the cargo area and I was on my laptop at the same time ready to book our flights. We were good to go and I booked our flights. As soon as I hit the purchase button I realized oh great we will be flying on Friday the 13th. I thought to myself, but this Friday the 13th will be a lucky day for us. I mean retiring to such a beautiful place, I consider myself very lucky.


  1. Just think about all the relaxation once you settle in Belize!

  2. I hope so AJ, I am ready for some relaxtion. It was a stessful travel day for sure.


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