Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our First Week in Belize

The View at Crazy Canucks.

Me and Gigi at Crazy Canucks.

What a view?

Crazy Canucks

We have been in Belize one week now.   It still feels like we are on vacation, but I am sure that will eventually change some.  We spent the week getting our utilities transferred into our name, getting Belize phone numbers for our IPhone's and making the rounds to different stores in town to stock up on groceries and household items.  Since we moved to Belize with only what we could fit in 4 large suitcases, we had to pretty much buy everything we needed to get set up to live in Belize.  We also bought beach cruisers this week and are either walking or biking to the places we need to go in town, so we are getting lots of exercise.  Most places are pretty small mom and pop type stores, so you may  have to visit several stores to get everything you need.  We are lucky though because we live right in the middle of town and most everything is very accessible. 

Me and Carole at AJ's

Bill trying to be cool.

Just me again.


Since Friday was our one week anniversary in Belize, we decided to go out on the town last night and celebrate.  Our new friend Gigi picked us up in her golf cart and we went to Crazy Canucks first.  They had great music and are located right on the beach.  The wind was blowing and the views of the beach were unbelievable.  Next we were off to see Barefoot Skinny playing at AJ's (Average Joe's).  There was a nice crowd there and we got to meet lots of new friends.

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