Friday, January 27, 2012

Michelada Friday!!


Today was a Michelada kind of Friday and it was also our 2 week anniversary since moving to Belize.  In September 2010 we were at Fido's and saw the bartender Raul making this drink that looked oh so good.  We asked him what it was and he said it was a Michelada.  Michelada's are kind of like a Bloody Mary without the bloody.  We fell in love with this drink and made them several times at home. 

We love Fido's and last week we headed on over to get our favorite drink again.  They were just as great as we remembered.  But when we were at Tacklebox on Wednesday, we noticed they also had Michelada's on the menu and they were cheaper, only $6.00BZE.  So tonite we headed back to the Tacklebox Bar and Grill and sat out on the deck and ordered up a Michelada with extra Marie Sharp's hot sauce.  Sorry Fido's, they were just as good.  We ordered the spicy wings again too.  My mouth was burning.

There was lots of action going on at the Tacklebox.  The boats were coming in for the day and the captain's were cleaning and wiping them down.  The left over small fish they had on board they started throwing up in the air to feed the birds.  It caused a fury of commotion in the air and in the water.  The birds were going crazy swooping down to catch a fish.  The ones the birds didn't catch fell into the water.  The brown pelicans were waiting their turn.  Then down below the water here come the stingrays.  Several of the stingrays were swimming back and forth in hopes of some crumb I guess.   It was a mad dash to catch a fish dinner.  Just another fun Friday in paradise.

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  1. Sounds like fun. Extra Marie Sharp' two are brave!


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