Monday, February 7, 2011

Where to Live in Belize? Belmopan

Belmopan is situated between Belize City and San Ignacio and with only a population of about 8,100+ makes it the smallest capital in the world.  Belmopan became the capital of Belize in 1970 after the devastation of the former capital, Belize City, by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. 

Next to the Plaza in Market Square is where most the activity takes place with vendors selling tropical fruits, tamales and Mennonite watermelons. 

Across the street from Market Square is the bus terminal.  If you plan on staying for more than 30 days in Belmopan, you can renew your passport at the immigration office which is directly across the street from the market.

The climate in Belmopan can be described as sub-tropical with trade winds that sometime blow across the city.  The temperature in the coastal districts of Belmopan stay around 10 to 35.6 degrees Celsius.  The average annual temperature of Belmopan is 79 degrees Fahrenheit.  The annual rainfall varies from 50 to 180 inches and the dry season generally starts from about the month of February and continues up until the month of May.

Things to do in Belmopan:
Belize Zoo - Houses over 100 animals indigenous to Belize
Cave Exploring
Heris Nature Walk and Trails
Inland Blue Hole
Guanacaste Park


  1. That fruit stand in Market Square looks great...that is one thing that San Pedro needs, a really serious fruit/veggie stand. A big one! :)

  2. I know Emily..wouldn't it be nice to have a great big fruit and veggie stand in San Pedro.

  3. The fruit market is great there. I always enjoy passing through Belmopan.

  4. I really enjoy all of the markets in Belize and it is fun to try out things that we don't have in the states.


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