Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gigi, the Lady about Town in San Pedro

Gigi and Brandi heading out on the boat to Mexico.

Brandi loved playing ball on the beach

This morning Bill and I got up early and headed down to the lagoon side of the island to see our friend Gigi and her wiener dog Brandi off to Mexico.  She had lived in Mexico for about two years and then came to San Pedro and had been living here for the last 7 months.  We met Gigi online on Facebook.  When Bill and I moved to San Pedro in January, she came right on over to greet us and welcome us to the island.

We volunteered together for Mama Vilma's Family House.

We went digging for mangroves at the Marco Gonzalez Maya site.

Gigi was definitely the lady about town.  No matter where she went she never met a stranger.  While she had some good times and some bad here in San Pedro....she dearly loved the island.  Gigi was one of kind and will truly be missed on the island by all of her friends. 


  1. What a nice thing to write. Gigi is my sister and I know she loved it there. I have to admit though, and this may sound selfish..But I can't wait to see her back in Texas.

    1. Thanks Gigi's sister. I totally understand. My family would like me probably back in the states as well.


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