Thursday, April 26, 2012

Belize: A Day in the Life

Amberjack and Shad-Fresh catch of the morning.

Tuesday I saw a message on facebook that Wednesday our electricity would be shut off between 8:30am and 11:30am for repairs that were needed on the infrastructure.  Heck, at least Belize Electric is nice enough to give us some notice.  So I figured Bill and I would just wait until it goes off to leave the house.  We could go and get some breakfast, do some errands and be back in a few hours and it should be back on.  So sure enough about 8:57am (it is Belize time remember) the power shut off.  I was right in the middle of finishing up ordering some prescription meds online when it shut down. Thank goodness I had finished the order and she was just verifying everything.

This guy greeted us at the front door this morning.

We headed out to Neri's, Bill's favorite breakfast taco stand.  After breakfast we biked down to the lagoon where there are a few vegetable stands set up near the water. The tomatoes were much larger than usual, so I bought a bunch of tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers to make more salsa.

Neri's Tacos, 3 tacos for $1.00BZ (50cents US).

Neri's is always busy in the mornings.

Business must be good, Neri's has even added another table and it's covered too.

At the end of the street we found the fishermen cleaning their catch already this morning.  That has to be one of the nastiest jobs ever.  He was feeding the heads and tails to the tarpon in the water.  They were swarming to the get their share.

Look at those delicious veggies.

They even have a nice little scale to weigh everything.

Nice job with a view.

Fishermen cleaning fish. 

The Tarpon fish swarming to eat the heads and tails the fishermen were throwing in the water.

Next we headed down Middle Street and stopped off at The Greenhouse.  I shop here often, today I bought some Spicy Belizean Stout Mustard.  I can't wait to try it out on a sandwich.

The Greenhouse Grocery Store on Middle Street.

These guys were on Middle Street repainting the Sign for Cortez' Upholstery.

I think they are doing a pretty good job don't you??

If you are looking for a bran-d new laptop, there is one for sale in town.

Crystal water was out busy this morning delivering water all over town. 

Our next stop was Marina's Grocery.  I shop here often as well.  It is pretty small and crowded inside but their prices are good.  I bought Gouda cheese and whole wheat tortillas here this morning.

Caught this guy sniffing the fabulouso.  It does smell pretty good.  It was lavender, I told him I buy the same stuff.

They always have lots of stuff sitting in the aisles.

He was weighing his produce.

Bill was out of Marie Sharps Hot Sauce, so we had to stock back up.  I think he goes through a bottle every two weeks.  He eats it on everything.

This fellow was people watching at Marina's

This cabbie will only go on (strickly) paved roads.  There are only three paved roads in San Pedro.

Our island garbage truck, they pick up seven days a week.  No nice trash compactor here, it is just piled on the truck and taken away.

I have passed by these guys selling their wooden furniture and carvings a few times since being on the island.  I needed an end table so I bought some from these guy today.  Really good prices too.  I bought the two on the end.

They even flagged down a guy who gave them a lift to deliver my tables to my house.  I don't think he wanted to, but when he stopped they just started putting it on his golf cart.  So he didn't have much choice and he was nice enough to take them as far as to the end of my street. 

After dropping off my new tables we headed to a place on the north side of town that I had not been to before.  You would probably have to know it is there to find it.  Bill had been there once before and he wanted to show me where it was.  It was called Dalia's.  They had a few things we had not seen before at other stores.  You have to shop around in Belize.

You can find pretty much anything
you need at Dalia's.

Dalia's Store

The girls working there were really nice too.

More island dogs chilling out under a coconut tree.

This is my little friend Michelle, the one that fell asleep in my arms on the boat to Caye Caulker.  When I got back from the states I almost didn't recognize her.  She had gotten all of her long hair cut off.  But she is still a cutie.  She was home from school for lunch.  She is eight and goes to school at the RC (Roman Catholic) School in town.  They come home for lunch from 12 until 1:30pm.

This is why we didn't have water all day Tuesday, there was a break in the water line.  It has been repaired and now they will have to come back and re-pave the road with pavers.

Looks like it was a big wash day here.  Lots of clothes out to dry.

My last stop for the day was at Maria's fruit and Vegetable stand.  You can learn about all kinds of concoctions and things by hanging out at Maria's. 

We got back home about 1:00pm and the electricity was back on.  We thought we would try out our ready made pizza we purchased at Dalia's for $10.00BZ ($5.00US).  It was actually pretty good.  Well that was "A Day in My Life", in Belize.  What was your day like? 

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