Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cooking Plantains

Plantain Tree

We have some beautiful plantain (prounced plann-tin) trees in our yard and Bill and I have been wanting to try some recipes with them.  Plantains are a Belizean staple and are not to be confused with bananas.  You pick them depending on what you want to make and how you want to cook them.  You can pick when they are green, yellow or black.  We picked green ones.

Green Plantain

A plantain is a fruit but is considered a vegetable.  The green ones we picked and tried were actually kind of bland and tasted a lot like a potato.  The riper they are when you pick them, the sweeter they are.

Peeling a green plantain is not so easy and they say to peel them under cold running water or your hands will become stained and black looking. 

The plantains are just beautiful the way they grow on the tree.

I decided to make Tostones or plantain chips seasoned with salt and pepper.  We dipped them in some ketchup and Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce and they were really good along with our hamburgers I made last night.  I think the next time we will pick them when they are yellow and try out this cheesy plantain recipe of Piononos or cheese filled plantain fritters.

I cooked them for 3 minutes in coconut oil.

After cooking for 3 minutes.

Then I mashed them flat with a wooden spoon.

Cooked them again until golden brown.  I did fry them this time but I think I will try to bake them next time I make them.


  1. I got into eating them raw when they are ripe. Easy way to help skin them is score along the edge with a paring knife.

    1. Oh that is good to know that you can eat them raw. We were not sure.


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