Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ladies Poker Night in San Pedro-Texas Hold'em

Our cheat sheet.

Thursday night was Ladies Poker Night at Pedro's Inn.  It was a send off  for our friend Ruthie who is leaving with her husband Chunky and going back to Minnesota.  They live in San Pedro for six months and then go back to Minnesota for six months every year.

The newbies which included myself needed to arrive at Pedro's early to get a quick lesson in playing Texas Hold'em before the actual game started.  About half of us had either never played poker or had only played a few times. 

Jason was our teacher and he dealt each of us two cards face down.  Then he started talking "poker language".  Words like "the flop", "the turn" and "the river".  It might as well have been Chinese to me.  I was clueless.  I mean what the heck does "the river" have to do with poker.  But after about 30 practice minutes the game started.

Jason giving us instructions on how to play Texas Hold'em.

It was a lot to remember.

We were playing with one dollar chips and we all bought in for $50.00BZ ($25.00US).  While I come from Mississippi, a state that has many casinos, I have never considered myself a gambler.  I think the most I have ever lost was $100.00US. 

$1.00BZ poker chips

Thursday night must have been beginners luck for me, because I WON the very first hand that we played.   I was pretty happy.  Oh and did I mention we got to eat free pizza and drink free while we played!!  It was just like in Vegas.  Well not really, but we were all having a great time.

Pamela, Renita and Dixie

Daniel and Ti

We had a full table at ladies night poker game.

Pedro's has some really great pizza.  The dark colored one was a dessert pizza.  It was fabulous.

Ruthie used all of her chips up first and was out of the game.  So she filled in as our waitress.  She did an exceptional job and kept the beers coming.  Thanks Peter, maybe he will hire Ruthie when she comes back to Belize next year. 

Look at what a good job Ruthie was doing and so happy too.  Someone said she looked like Heidi in that dress.  I thought it was really cute.

We were keeping Ruthie busy.  Hurry back Ruthie, we will miss you.

We played to about 9pm.  Everyone was either getting tired or starting to run out of money.  I managed to play all night and still had my original $50.00BZ plus $8.00BZ by the end of the night.  So not bad for a first timer.

Poor Dookie he was all played out.  Where else except in Belize would you have your pets at the poker table.

Charlie was tired and ready to go home too after a long night of poker.

Where did the game of Texas Hold'em come from??  Well although little is known about how where the game originated,  Texas officially gives credit to Robstown, Texas where the game originated and dating the game back to the 1900's.  Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular forms of Poker.

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