Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dinner at Casa Picasso and Some Amazing Views

Sunday evening on the way to dinner I had to stop and take pictures of the water it was so beautiful.  It was about 6:00pm and this was the view in San Pedro.  The water was so still and there were lots of clouds.  It was amazing.

We went to dinner with Michael and Pamela from Oregon who just moved to Belize this week.  We wanted to try out the Casa Picasso Restaurant.  It is located on Stingray Street which is a little off the beaten path, but so worth it. 

Casa Picasso Restaurant
All four of us biked over to Casa Picasso and we were greeted by Adam and Jackie, the owners.  They moved to Belize about 7 months ago from the US.  Adam helped us park our bikes and then we were seated in the dining room. 

Jackie and Adam were super nice host.

Bill, Debra, Pamela and Michael

I love art, so I really loved all of the colorful art that decorated the restaurant throughout.  We sat in the screened in dining area inside.  But there was a nice bar area to sit outside if you liked.

Lots of beautiful Belizean art every where.

Cozy little sitting area.

Lots of sitting area.

The inside bar area.

The outside sitting area and bar.

The menu had lots of interesting dishes to choose from.  The portions were larger than in most restaurants that I have eaten in Belize too.  I had enough to take home and have for lunch the next day.  Check out these wonderful dishes we ordered. 

Grilled Calamari

Malaysian Chicken Satay

Grouper wrapped in banana leaves

Roasted potatoes with tomato sauce

Rendered Pork Belly

We bought along our own personal mosquito zapper that we had purchased in the states.  We wanted to give it a try to see how well it would work.  It seemed to work just fine and we were mosquito free all evening. 

Our waiters Curt and Sebastian.  They were great.  Curt is Maria's (Maria's Fruit and Vegetable Stand) grandson.  Both did a great job and were super sweet guys.

Any one recognize who this guy looks like and is related to?  He also works at Casa Picasso.  This is Greg, Coconut Leo's son.  He works back in the kitchen and is a friendly guy also.  Love that smile. 


  1. That dinner looked AMAZING, and what a cute place! We will have to get there sometime. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. It is really cute Emily and good. Maybe we can all meet up for lunch or early evening one day soon.

    1. wow i want----the grilled calamari!!!! When i have time, i so enjoy reading this, I miss it sooo much!!! So im living vicariously thru yall!!! Thanks, Cheri

  3. The calamari was great. I had never had it grilled before. Thanks for following us Cheri.


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