Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snorkel Sunday

Who is this guy?  Oh that is Bill ready to dive right in.

A few weeks ago we had been snorkeling north down by Boca del Rio bridge and saw some really cool fish, so Sunday we decided to go back again. Boy am I glad we did.  We saw some much bigger fish and way cooler ones this time. I have got to get a book on fish of Belize.  I want to know what all of these underwater beauties are. If any one knows of a good fish book let me know.

After some research on the Internet, the fish that I did find that we saw were the yellowfin grouper (Bill described it as looking like a giraffe), bonefish, lots of horse eye jack, and a barracuda.  There were several really small brightly colored fish we saw as well that I have not been able to idenitfy.  There was this one fish that I saw and I can't find anything on it.  I have seen them several times before swimming very close to the top of the surface.  It is very long and skinny and has a long skinny pointed nose.  Here is a picture of it below.  Does anyone know what kind of fish this is?

Can you see him there?  Look closely, do you know what kind of fish this is?

Bill said I am a kid magnet.  For some strange reason the kids here all gravitate to me.  While out snorkeling I all of a sudden had three cute little boys as new best friends.  They would swim right along with me.  They didn't have any snorkel gear but would dive right under the water and come up telling me to come look at the fish they spotted. 

Look at these handsome guys.  They told me they were visiting the island from Orange Walk which is on the mainland.  They invited me to come back at 7:00pm to go fishing with them.

They were real hams for the camera too.

These ladies had their very own swim up bar going on here.  Pouring first some kind of alcohol into the glasses.

That is boxed milk she is pouring here into her glass.

This guy had the food in an ice chest on the golf cart here.  They came prepared.

I thought I would go closer and check out what kind of drink they were making and this lovely young lady posed for me.  They were drinking Brandy and milk. 

What a view!!!
This was the catch of the day.  Bill had spotted this under the water while snorkeling but he couldn't get down enough to pick it up.  So I went down and bought it up.   It was $5.00BZ or $2.50US.  What a lucky catch. 

After we finished snorkeling we loaded up our bikes and headed back south.  On the way home I spotted some more of my little friends.  We chatted for a few minutes and they were wanting what I thought was some kind of drink.  I asked them where you could get these drinks and they said Ritchie's which is a grocery store that I shop sometimes.  So we headed over to Ritchie's so I could buy them this drink.  They went straight to the cooler and got what they wanted.  It was not a drink, it was more like a frozen Popsicle. 

Alex wanted a blue one and Michelle wanted pink.  They were happy.

Arellie, Alex and Michelle.


  1. Needlefish. Not sure if that is the official name, but that is what we call them. They are around our dock all the time. Looks like you had a funday Sunday!

  2. Also heard them called gar fish.

    1. Needlefish and gar, ok good. I see these guys everywhere. I have read that they can stick you with that pointy nose. I went the other way when I saw this guy in the water.


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