Thursday, May 24, 2012

Celebrities in Belize

The paparazzi were everywhere.

Yes, there are celebrities in Belize.  Lots of celebrities own property in Belize and others come just to visit Belize.  Remember the wedding proposal of Gene Simmons to Shannon Tweed.  Well it was right here on Ambergris Caye that Gene proposed to Shannon Tweed.  We all know Ben Flajnik from "The Bachelor".  He was on Ambergris Caye and various other locations in Belize filming an episode where several lovely bachelorettes were all trying to win Ben's heart and a proposal in marriage. 

Bill and the Pups in the San Pedro Sun.

Anyway, those are not the celebrities I am referring too...Sorry, it is our three huskies, Alina Moon, Barney Moon and Snowy Moon.  They are just like celebrities in Belize.  From the moment we landed in the Belize City airport on January 13th, 2012 they have have received lots of attention.  They have been followed by the husky paparazzi, cell phone pictures have been snapping, and the few brave have even asked to have their pictures made with them or to pet them.  Seems that everyone has a favorite husky. 

We are now known on the island as the "Husky Family".  Most people tell us they have never even seen huskies except on TV, so they are truly in ahhh of them.  Some ask can they have one, we tell them they would want to bring them back very quickly.  If the huskies are not with us, the people on the street are wondering where they are.  Where are the "huskies"????

We are asked many times "aren't they hot"?  "Isn't the weather in Belize too hot for them"?  While huskies are a northern breed, our huskies grew up in the hot and humid southern United States.  So adapting to the weather in Belize has not been so different for them. 


  1. Nice and interesting your blog :)

  2. Ok my question are you going to breed them or they are already spay? Actually I have 2 of them in Belize city. 1 and a half year old male and a 6 months old female.... But I would like to get a few more I love these dogs... Always was a my dream dog from I was a lil kid. Used to call them wolf dogs.

    1. Hey Jason, no we are not going to breed them. They are all spayed and neutered. We love huskies too. They are a beautiful breed of dog.

  3. awwwwww mein i really would want atlease 2 more huskies... but i really dont want to get them from abroad.... it will cost me toooo much money and stressssss......


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