Thursday, May 3, 2012

Community Disaster Response Team Training

This little guy lives on our front porch.  We came out yesterday and he was on Bill's bike seat.  I think he was ready to go for a ride.

I love looking at all the boats out in the water.

You may remember back in February I went to a Belize Red Cross meeting.  I met Lily Bowman, Director General for the Belize Red Cross and several other members who came from the mainland to talk to us about starting back up a branch of the Red Cross on Ambergris Caye.  Well you will be happy to know that we now have a branch office of the Red Cross here on the island and now we need more volunteers.

The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross is looking for 12 – 15 people to form a Community Disaster Response Team.  The training date information will be coming soon.  If you or someone you know would make a good CDRT (Community Disaster Response Team) please email me at  Your help in getting the word out and working together to create a prepared and Safe Ambergris Caye for residents and tourists is much appreciated.

Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT):

Following a disaster there is always a period when the emergency services and first responders will be unable to react. This may be due to the size of the area affected, communication problems or impassable roads. The Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) is designed to complement and strengthen the existing role of NEMO within the community by helping to increase its capacity. The Red Cross trains and equips Community Disaster Response Teams (CDRT) in each community to enable them to carry out emergency first response when a disaster occurs.

CDRT role and function:

The main role of the CDRT is to assist with increased community resilience by:

1. Working closely with its local NEMO to prepare for and provide assistance during any disaster that is within the scope of the CDRT’s capacity.

2. Helping the community to prepare for and respond to disasters through public educational initiatives.

3. Developing and maintaining a strategic community disaster plan.

4. Assisting community members with the development of a Family Emergency Plan

5. Mobilizing residents to participate in community-based risk reduction activities

6. Implementing, updating and testing of this plan

CDRT Objectives:

Preparedness: to assist their local NEMO with community empowerment and resilience in order to better prepare for an respond to emergency situations.

Response: to save lives and property by providing where possible, first response to self, family and community during times of emergencies and disaster.
Relief: to assist in relief and assessment after a disaster as directed by NEMO

CDRT Structure:

The CDRT functions as a single unit with a leader and Deputy Leader appointed by its members. Additional roles including e.g. Secretary, Treasurer and Community Relations Officer can be identified and selected as necessary. The desired minimum membership is 12 with a maximum of 25 persons. The aim of the group is to ensure diverse representation of the community on the CDRT.

CDRT Training:

The teams learn fire prevention, basic search and rescue, First Aid, initial damage assessment, shelter management, psychosocial support, radio communication. This three to four days training includes participation from the Fire Department, health professionals, NEMO and other partners.

Develop, test and review disaster plan:

The CDRT are responsible of developing a Community Disaster Plan, which they do under the guidance of the Red Cross and NEMO, which defines clearly each member’s role and function, the links between CDRT and government search & rescue services, as well as the routine according to which the emergency operations will be carried out. This plan is tested through a simulation exercise and reviewed on a yearly basis.

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