Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bead Lady and DCI Mission Trips in Belize

The wall of art and graffiti.

Monday Bill wanted to have his beads re-done in his beard.  After a period of time the rubber bands start to break and the beads fall out.  So we biked down to the beach to find his bead lady. 

We normally cut through an alley way that takes you right to Front Street and the beach.  The alley is covered in graffiti left over from Carnival in March and artwork from anyone that takes a fancy to show off their creativity.  The very long wall gives them a nice big canvas.  This is the wall that goes around the RC (Roman Catholic) Elementary School.  On our way to the beach to find the bead lady we met this group from DCI Mission Trips who are here for a week from Tampa, Florida and were helping out on cleaning up around the island.  Their job was to paint the alley way wall and cover up all the graffiti.

After going to DCI Mission Trips web site I find that DCI stands for Direct Christian Impact and their mission is to organize teams of Christians throughout the year, bringing aid to people who need it most.  They mainly go into poor areas in Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  They have a Belize Central America Mission Campus in Belize City approximately 10 miles north of the airport.  This is where these guys were staying while on their mission trip to Belize.  To find out more information about DCI Missions check out their website:

DCI Mission Trips.

Bill checking out his new bead work.

He is really starting to get too high maintenance

All the beaded bracelets and necklaces the bead lady sells.

These leather bracelets too.  I liked these and bought one for $5.00US.


  1. Love the beads on bill. You need to sport the bracelet and take a picture :)

  2. Everyone does seem to loves Bill's beads. I will definitely have to take a picture sporting my new bracelet.


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