Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo of the Week - Snorkeling with Nurse Sharks in Belize

Nurse Sharks

One of the highlights of our last trip to Belize has to be the day we went snorkeling with the nurse sharks and string rays in "Shark Ray Alley" off the island of Ambergris Caye.  Getting to Shark Ray Alley is only a short boat ride from the island and you won't have a problem finding a guide on the island to take you there. 

Nurse Sharks are considered mainly non-aggressive but they have very powerful suckers rather than teeth, kind of like a catfish.  If they latch on to you it can be bad.

It can feel a bit intimidating sitting on the side of a boat about to jump in with these sharks, but it is well worth it.


  1. This looks amazing! I wish that I had a chance to do that. I just got back from Hawaii and swimming with all the sea turtles. I really like your site and plan to follow your adventures. I'd love it if you'd check my site out sometime.

  2. Thanks Ross for stopping by my blog. Wow, how nice is that to go swimming with sea turtles. I have not been to Hawaii, but I hope to visit there one day. I will definitely check out your site.

  3. wow looks like so much fun, would love to try snorkeling there one day!!

  4. Dena, it is so much fun and Belize is a great place to go snorkeling.


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