Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to Live in Belize? Orange Walk

The Orange Walk District, with an area of 1790 square miles is located beside the New River and between Corozal and Belize City on the Northern Highway and is the second largest district of Belize.  The name Orange Walk comes from the orange groves in the area.  There is a formal plaza and the town hall is called Palacio Municipal. 

The strong Spanish influence here is unmistakable.  Old fashionsed totilla factories, mission churches and Spanish-styled homes are everywhere.  There are approximately 16,000 people living in Orange Walk District.  The main source of income before the 19th century was mahogany logging, which has now been replaced with sugar can fields lining the Northern Highway.

Although the Orange Walk District has no coast because it is locked inland, it has the remains of two forts, Mundy and Cairns that were the scene of battles between earlier Mayan inhabitants of the district and settlers. It offers some of the most natural  areas of Belize, with excellent birding and wildlife viewing.

Sights and Recreation in the Area:
1.  Banquitas House of Culture-exhibit of history, culture and industry of Orange Walk.
2.  New River and New River Lagoon-chance to see Morelet's Crocodiles and iguanas.
3.  Honey Camp Lagoon-white sandy beaches and coconut trees.

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  1. I'm guessing just about everywhere there is paradise, so can you go wrong?

  2. I would agree, so much beauty to see in Belize.


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