Saturday, November 20, 2010


On our day trip to the Plaza las Americas Mall  in Chetumal, Mexico, they had a department store called Liverpool.  Liverpool was a very nice upscale department store and they had a sweets and candy store inside...I thought it was a very unusual way to display the candy and I was a little undecided whether I wanted to partake.  The candy was nicely displayed, but was just out in the open and it was also self-serve.  We decided to try a few pieces of the candy although we really didn't know what we were getting..which I later discovered was coconut, and I do not much care for, but Bill thought it was pretty good, so I let him have all of the candy.


  1. Weird! Is was all coconut? It doesn't even look like candy.

  2. It was not all coconut, just what we happened to buy. I am not sure what all the other stuff was or what the reddish color that was on a lot of the items. It was some very unusual things.


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