Sunday, November 21, 2010


Every week Bill tells me that this is the last of his peppers for the season and still every weekend he comes in with more peppers.  He promised that this really is all of the peppers for the season.  I had not made any bread this year, so I thought I would make a loaf of bread. 

I decided to make a loaf of whole wheat jalapeno cheese bread, although I did drop in a few more kinds of peppers to make it extra hot the way Bill likes it.  I have a special fiddle bow bread knife that cuts the bread perfect, it slices the bread just the right size for sandwiches.  I feel certain we will be making lots of different kinds of breads in Belize. 

                                              The Ingredients

Everything is in the Bread Machine

The Bread Machine is Kneading the Bread

Time to Eat, It's Done

These peppers are called African Zimbabwe Bird, a small ornamental pepper, but don't let the size fool you, these peppers are considered one of the hottest peppers in Africa.

The rest of the peppers we put in the dehydrator that Bill bought on E-Bay to be dehydrated and ground up to use to cook with.  I think we have a life time supply.

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