Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If you missed House Hunters International on November 23rd in Belize, there is another episode coming up on November 29th 2010 about Belize.

House Hunters International airs on HGTV and is an American reality series that follows individuals, couples or families searching for homes outside of the United States.  Each series features 3 properties, it gives you a great idea of what type of homes can be found in Belize and in different areas of Belize.

The November 29th series will be about a couple from Canada that wants to escape the brutal Canadian winters and buy a vacation cabin on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize.  It should be interesting to see, their budget is $150,000.00US. 

I have recently met a doctor online from Memphis, TN. and she has moved with her 77 year old mother, husband and 3 dogs to live on the Placencia Peninsula in Belize.  They built a big nice home overlooking the Caribbean and she LOVES it there.

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