Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Bike to Brazil" Cyclist in Belize | Ambergris Today

Biking Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons

Paul Joseph Park, a cyclist is biking from the United States of America all the way down to Brazil in South America, and he is currently going through Belize. 

He’s a resident of Mt. Rainier, MD, on the Northeastern border of Washington, DC, and he fell in love with Brazil on his very first trip there in 1999. After his next few visits he knew that he wanted to live in Brazil some day. Paul Joseph Park even got a job at a Brazilian restaurant, practiced Portuguese and is now on a Bike Trip that left from the US destined to Brazil. Yes he is biking from the United States of America all the way down to Brazil in South America.

And Paul is blogging his adventures all along his way. His most recent blog already has him here in Belize.

I love riding my road bike and I have had some long road trips, but I cannot imagine biking from the US to South America.  My first long bike ride was September 2009, I road 62 miles in Cyclist Curing Cancer Century Ride.  I rode in memory of my mother Betty Gannon who passed away from Cancer in 1995.  September 2009 I biked 150 miles in two days from Clinton, MS. to Vicksburg, MS. in the MS150.  It was very hilly and there is one hill on the way back that I hope I never have to see again.  Then in October, 2009 I  biked 84 miles in one day on the Long Leaf Trail in Hattiesburg, MS.

MS150 Miles-Clinton to Vicksburg, Mississippi

84 Miles on the Longleaf Trail-Hattiesburg, Mississippi

62 Miles-Cancer Century Ride

In June 2010, I went with 3 of my favorite biker babes and we biked for a week through 4 states, Idaho, Arizona, Montana and and Wyoming.  Cycling through Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons was definitely a dream vacation.

To read more about Paul's biking adventure:

"Bike to Brazil" Cyclist in Belize Ambergris Today


  1. Awesome accomplishments, Debra! We will definitely have to get together for some beach cruiser bike rides in San Pedro when we're all there! Do you have a website for your June bike trip? Sounds fantastic!

  2. Thanke Emily, we definitely will have to get together. Here is the website for the company I went through. It was Escape Adventure.

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  4. Thanks Mac, I am really glad that you like it. Thanks for stopping by.


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