Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunset Cruise with SEAduced by Belize

The dock at Ramon's Village

We spotted this guy from the pier before we got on the boat.

Saturday afternoon we decided to take a sunset cruise with Seaduced.  We met at the dock at Ramon's Village about 5:00 pm.  Sylvan was our captain and we headed south out to sea about 5:19 pm toward Hol Chan Marine Reserve where we sat back and watched the sun set on the Caribbean.  It could not have been a more beautiful evening for a sunset cruise.  The sky and the sunset were just spectacular.

Sailing out to sea.

We all got SEAduced.

Sylvan and Phillip getting the sails up.

Sylvan giving us a little speech about safety aboard the SEAduced.

Drinks served from the portholes.

Some of our shipmates.

After the cruise was over several of us from the cruise walked down the beach to the Tacklebox, one of my favorite places to go.  We met up with our friend Gigi and her boyfriend Dean who had just arrived in San Pedro from Mexico Saturday afternoon. 

The Tacklebox

Gigi and Dean

Pineapple Willie at Wahoo's

Our bartender at Wahoo.


After Tacklebox we then headed on down the beach to the Wahoo Lounge, home of the chicken drop.  We have definitely got to make it for that one night.  We listened to Pineapple Willie play for a while and then headed down the beach again.

Hanging out at Fido's with Gigi and Dean.

Our next stop was Fido's, another one of my favorite places.  Kelly McGuire was playing and there was a big crowd.   

City Park

After Fido's we strolled through City Park and then headed home.  City Park is in the middle of town right on the beach.  All the street vendors were out and the kids are playing.  The park is a popular place on the weekends when it gets dark.

The Sunset

It melted in to the sea.

If you are wondering how things get to the island from the mainland.  Here ya go.  This barge passed by us heading to the island.  This is how our things will be brought over to us.


  1. Small world--I have seen Kelly Maquie in Venice, Fl!

  2. Yes I saw where he also played in Florida..he is really good.

  3. great pics..I want to get Seaduced!! heehee

    1. Well you definitely need to go next time...it was really nice.


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