Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Belizean Cusine-El Torito Norte

El Torito Norte

Yesterday we found another really great and inexpensive place to eat in San Pedro.  Heading North on Middle Street, I had past by this cute little pink building that said El Torito Norte numerous times and yesterday we decided to stop and try them out. 

They even put out some nice place mats for us.

We ordered the beans and rice with stew chicken.  We decided to order only one plate first to see if we liked it. 

This is where they wash their dishes outside.

We sat outside on picnic tables covered with umbrellas.  It was definitely too hot to sit in the sun yesterday. 

It was such a nice little eating area.

When they bought out our plate of food, it was so much food we were glad we decided to get only one order.  It was loaded down with beans and rice, fried plantain, stew chicken and slaw.  Slaw seems to be a very popular food in San Pedro because I see it on dishes often.  Our food and 4 bottles of water, we were thirsty was $14.00BZ ($7.00US).

The Lunch Menu

After lunch we decided to head to the beach.  While we were there, the guys from Banyan Bay were getting all the coconuts out of the trees so they wouldn't fall on people walking by.  One guy cut a coconut open and gave it to Bill to drink the coconut water.  Bill loves it, me not so much.

This was our view at the beach.

Bill having a coconut water.

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  1. Good to know that this place is good -- we pass it ALL the time but hadn't noticed the eating area/tables. We'll have to stop sometime! Love Bill's bandanna -- he is really getting into the island way of life! :)


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