Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Day of Carnaval Ended with More Painting, Dancing and Egg Throwing.

These kids were seriously covered in some  paint.

Tuesday  was the last day of Carnaval so Bill, our friend Gigi and I headed back downtown to join in on the fun again.  There were more comparsas dancers dancing in the street. 

They were dressed in Maya costumes.  Bill asked if he could join them next year.

The Maya dancers had some fabulous costumes.

This one was my favorite, love the peacock feather headdress.

It was some messy fun, but these kids were loving it.

This guy was re-filling his paint bottle.

He was protecting his hair from paint.  I hear it is kind of hard to get out of your hair.

Even a few gringos managed to get in on the paint fun.  She was not very happy with her husband.

One brave little guy gave me a nice high five of yellow paint.

We will just call him "Blue Man".

Later in the evening the crowds were getting bigger and the dancing was getting wilder.  These cross-dressing dancers were something to see.  I feel certain the stores in San Pedro are having a balloon shortage today.

Two of my little friends somehow managed to be out during Carnaval and didn't get any paint on them.
He told me he didn't have any paint.

My sweet little friend here was having to work.  She was selling her mother's banana bread.  We bought some from her. 

There will be some cleaning up today I am sure. 

Thanks for a great 2012 Carnaval, see ya next year.

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