Friday, November 25, 2011

Belize-Here We Come!!!!

I'm back!!!!!!, sorry it has been a while since my last blog post but so much has been happening.  We sold our house in October and had to be out in 2 weeks.  So the race was on to get out.  Thank goodness we had actually been packing and moving things out for the last year, I really don't think I would have ever made.  I actually had everything moved out of the house and had the house clean and ready for the new owners a day ahead of time.  It was such a relief, I just cried because I truly could not believe I got everything out of our house that quick. 

We rented a storage building for things that we plan on having shipped to Belize.  Some family pieces of furniture were taken to my sisters.  Everything else was moved to my dad's and put in a large storage building.  We will start trying to sell off everything else in the next few weeks. 

We are living with our 3 dogs at my dads house until we figure out when our actual move day will be.  Things have worked out pretty good at my dad's and it is nice getting to spend time with him before we move to Belize.


  1. Hope all continues to go smoothly!!

  2. A day ahead of time.? Wow - you must be super human. We always end up working right up to the last moment! Congrats!

  3. AJ, I truly don't know how I did it. Every waking hour I was packing. My husband was working all the it was just me. I sold all my furniture to keep from having to move it. My movers came for two days moving everything out...I was never so happy. Thanks, we are super excited about moving to belize.


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