Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest Kick off Party

Get your lobster on and get ready to crawl.  It is San Pedro's 2012 Lobsterfest.

San Pedro, Lobsterfest June 15th-26th

Last night was the San Pedro Lobsterfest kick off party at El Divino Restaurant at the Banana Beach Resort.  Lots of people came out to sample some of the first lobster of the season.  This will be mine and Bill's very first Lobsterfest and is something we have been looking forward to.  We also got to meet lots of new friends for the first time that have been following our blog that are here for Lobsterfest.  It was a great kickoff party and the food was devine.

Banana Beach Resort

The grounds are very lush and beautiful at Banana Beach.

El Divino Restaurant

The parking lot across the street was filling up fast with golf carts.

El Divino's had Zac and Tanya on the drums inside with a DJ outside keeping the crowds entertained.  The place was packed and people were waiting in line to get in to get their lobster dinner. 

Tanya and Zac on the drums.

Carole (From CG Esthetic) and Rob got there early and beat the crowds to get their lobster dinner.

This little guy will greet you in the ladies bathroom at El Divino.

Some of the staff at El Divino were still modeling last years T-Shirt-Party like a Lob * Star.

Our friends CJ and Jana are in from Texas.  They get to party for a month in San Pedro.


Lobster Fest Menu


Coconut Lobster-Deep fried lobster with a yummy tropical sauce.

Main Course-Lobster A La Orange served with shredded chipotle potato gratin, broccoli and carrot fragrant. 

Dessert was baked caramelized Banana Cream Pie.

Here is the lobsterfest schedule  for the rest of the week.  Today and tonite starts the party at Fido's on the beach.  Fido's is always a fun and happening place.  Music starts at 8:00pm. We have more friends arriving today.  So it will definitely be a fun night.  I hope to see you at Fido's tonite partying like a Lob-Star.


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